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Public + Catholic academic school year

The school system in Canada has been developed to provide consistent quality in teaching and curriculum to ensure that all students receive a fully comprehensive education within one standard.  These standards are set by the provincial Ministry of Education.

Funded largely by the government, the high school system delivers programs at either the Academic or Applied levels.  Those students pursuing a University education will choose the Academic level, while those interested in College or a trade generally choose the Applied level.

In Ontario most high schools follow a semester system.  The first semester begins in September and finishes in late January.  The second semester starts at the beginning of February and continues until end of June.  A maximum of four classes per semester are offered – a total of eight credits per school year.  It is also possible to study for one semester only and return home with four full credits. 

Elementary schools at the senior level (grades 6, 7 and 8) prepare the student for the high school experience. Teachers deliver the curriculum with a focus on independent research and study to acquaint the student with high school culture.  Even though most curriculums are taught by only one teacher, some schools will introduce a modified rotation system to accustom the student to learning with more than one teacher.  

All institutions, both elementary and high school, engage the students in a wide range of intramural sports and activities.  Teachers are thoughtful and caring educators who use modern teaching methods to encourage all of their students to excel.  


 Schools in the Private school system are based on a tradition of high quality education combined with a comprehensive athletic and social program aimed at developing the student as a whole person. Funding for these schools comes from donations, alumni support and student tuition. They follow the academic curriculum as outlined by each provincial government, but set their own standards of excellence.

All schools in the Private system teach at the advanced level, and students take 8 courses annually. Classes begin in September, ending in June. Students must complete the entire school year successfully in order to receive credit for their courses. Some schools may accept a student for less than the full academic year, however the student will not earn credits for transfer to their home country.

For a list of  Private Schools in Canada , USA and Europe, please contact us.


The Homestay Camps are designed to offer our students a winning combination of study, sightseeing, recreational excursions and activities while enjoying the comfort of living with a Canadian family in their home. Our families are carefully selected and monitored.  We ensure that each student is carefully matched with an engaging family who is eager to offer a warm reception.  By sharing in family activities, meals and leisure time our students enjoy the opportunity to practice their new language skills in an informal and relaxed setting.


 CESPI is pleased to offer a variety of Residential Language Summer Camps for Youth and Adults, in Canada, USA and Europe.

The students have the consistent supervision of staff members who share the same accommodation and participate in all organized activities and excursions. Student benefit from a lower staff to student ratio, allowing a greater sense of comfort and a higher level of care. A pre-packaged activity and excursions program has been designed especially for each age group.

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CESPI offers a wide range of locations to study in Canada, USA and Europe. For a full list of options, please see below:

•General English, German, Italian & French Programs 

•English for Academic Purposes – TOEFL and Cambridge Preparation courses

•English for Business

•Pathway University & College Programs

•University Preparation Courses (undergraduate & graduate)

•Professional Internship Programs