Canadian english scholar program inc.
Canadian english scholar program inc.

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Ligia tobon - director

Ligia and her family immigrated to Canada over 30 years ago from Medellin, Colombia. Since then, Ligia has put over 20 years of hard work and care into building CESPI into a company you can trust. Ligia and her team work vigorously to provide your child with the most enriching, educational experience, with only the most carefully selected host families. 

extra curricular activities

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of planned trips and activities throughout the year, so that they may experience Canada to the fullest. Trips include: Canada's Wonderland, Skiing, Ottawa, Quebec, CN Tower + Sightseeing in Toronto and so much more! Trip to New York City also available.

Commitment to Excellence

CESPI is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience in Language Studies for students of all nationalities. CESPI students participate in the most up to date academic ESL programs in a secure, healthy environment. All of our host families are carefully selected and are subject to very strict screening policies and regular home visits.

becoming a host family


why become a host family?

Hosting an international student in your home can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both for you and the student you welcome into your home. It is a chance to discover a new culture while at the same time sharing your own cultural traditions, and the best of what Canada is all about - Its people! Travel the world without ever leaving home when you immerse yourself in the culture and language of your students.. Most importantly, you'll be making a difference in a child's life. Leaving home can be difficult for an international student. Providing a safe place to stay with the feeling of "home", can make all the difference. 

Providing students with a carefully selected host family

In 2004, our family decided to host a student from Mexico. We were already in love with Mexico and thought this would be a wonderful way to learn more about the culture, the language and the beautiful country. We have since hosted other students and the rewards have been many. We have had the amazing opportunity to visit the families of our students at their own homes, in their own cities in Mexico and have since made wonderful friendships that we know will last a lifetime. This has been a great experience for us all, an experience that we will remember for a long time as we continue to visit and be lifelong friends with our Mexican families.

- Garry + Anne Rawson

Our Experience as a host family to students from both Colombia and Mexico has been a great one. We have created a special bond with these students and we keep still keep in touch with them. We consider these students an extension of our family, some of which have even come back to visit us. We have great memories of our time together and we enjoyed learning about their culture, country, and families back home. Ligia Tobon has proven to be very caring and supportive in overseeing the needs of both the host families and the students.

-Glen, Lisa, Sadie + Emma Burkholder


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Canadian english scholar program inc

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Ligia Tobon - Director Phone: 905-354-6916 Cell: 905-941-0200 Courtney Tobon - Program Coordinator Phone: 905-651-6647

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